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Things to Do When Spending the Weekend to Improve Your Mental Health


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, which offers tourists many beautiful places and experiences. It was easy to budget for everything, including travel, food, and sightseeing. It could be the best idea to improve your mental health. This way prevents you to feel stress when traveling to another country. There are 10 dingen om te doen in Amsterdam, as mentioned on the Parool site. Besides those ten things, here are some recommended activities you could do when spending your weekend in Amsterdam.


Dutch Museums

Amsterdam has an eclectic and unique artistic heritage. It is worth taking a cruise to explore the canal system and narrow houses. The museum district is home to the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt’s works at the Rijksmuseum, and Vermeer’s modern art at the Stedelijk. The city’s unique character is based on cycling. There are many bike paths. There is no better streetcar system in the town, which is fast, easy, and convenient. Therefore, you can see the city’s attractions without worry.

Café vs. Coffee Shop

Amsterdam is known for its legalized businesses. Many people go there to do this. It is easy to avoid or participate in space cakes and marijuana. You can enjoy this activity by going to one of the many coffee shops. We didn’t find any signs, but you can see the symbols and smells of smokers. Some said they didn’t accept credit cards, so we had to hand over cash. Our research revealed that there is a limit to the amount you can buy in one place. You have to be at least 18 years old and be able to show ID. If you’re looking for something sweet, there are plenty of Space Cakes or lollipops to buy at convenience stores and storefronts. However, almost every store in the area had them. Therefore, you can find many coffee shops in town that do not sell marijuana.

Ziggo Dome

We had planned to visit Amsterdam to see Nickelback. Unfortunately, they are not available in the UK, so we decided to travel to the Netherlands to see them. It was a great venue. The venue is easy to find and not hard to get in or out of. We were located center stage and didn’t feel like we were being walked on or had a faulty view. The layout was excellent, and there were plenty of bars and booths. Therefore, it would be the perfect choice for party lovers.

Night Watch

night watchThese sculptures are located in Rembrandt Square and are astounding. Many tourists visit the square to take pictures and eat in front of these incredible statues. You can come to the Rijksmuseum to see them in person. It becomes the most famous painting in the museum’s collection. You can see one of the most famous Dutch paintings of the Golden Age is The Night Watch. It took up an entire wall, and the scale of the painting was incredible. If you like art, it should be on your list of things to do when you’re in Amsterdam.

City Tour

Check your City Card to see what discounts you can get to do a city tour. You will see many attractions in Amsterdam. The Dungeon is a great place to get a little scary and learn about the history of Amsterdam. The costumes and props, as well as the actors, were incredible and very realistic. Many companies offer canal tours, so you have many options. The tour guides gave excellent information and were easy to follow through the canals. Although some other companies offered meals, we were full after eating at the Argentine steakhouse. Locally, you can visit a large market. It is very affordable and offers everything from jewelry, bongs, leather jackets, and more.…