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How to increase your chances of conceiving


From school science, getting pregnant is as easy as making love. Children are taught that getting pregnant just involves the penetration and that is all. But this is very different from what couple experience is expecting to conceive. Recent research has shown that for a healthy and young lady, aged between 35 and 20 years, the probability of conceiving after continuous training is below 30%. In reality, conceiving requires a combined effort and devotion to the course. Conceiving should not be seen as an event. It should be seen as a process. It is a combination of practices and diets and healthy sex. It is not a guarantee that one should conceive after sex. However, this is the way to increase your chance of conceiving.

Time your sex

2The woman productive system has two seasons. The fertile period and the unfertile period. For one to increase the chance of conceiving, one should time and make love when the woman is fertile. A woman runs a 28 days period. This is called a healthy cycle. The first day of menstruation is the beginning of the cycle and should be marked as day one. Seven days after the start of menstruation, the female ovary produces another ovum that starts to travels in the fallopian tube. For the next 14 days, the woman is fertile and can easily conceive. After the 14 days, the 21st day of menstruation, the egg and the uterus start to wear out. The woman comes infertile for the next 14 days and the cycle continues.

Adopt a healthy diet

A healthy diet should be adopted by both the woman and the man. A healthy diet involves taking of a balanced diet. A diet that is rich in carbs, proteins, and vitamins. Carbohydrates are energy giving food. They give you the energy and vigor to try time and again. A high concentration of sperms in the opening of the cervix, the higher your chances of conceiving. Proteins are bodybuilding food. Sperms are made of proteins. High intakes of proteins to a man enables him to produce more sperm and increase the sperm count in each ejaculation. Vitamins and especially prenatal vitamins help in filling in for any diet deficiency in a woman. Vitamin B6 helps in improving the fertility of both men and woman. In addition to vitamins, take a high amount of omega -3 fish oil. It is very useful in the absorption of vitamins.

Practice natural and safe sex

3Conceiving does not require magical sex. It just requires simple sex done in the most appropriate way. Avoid the use of lube. Lubes are exciting when it comes to the exciting part of sex. However, many doctors agree on the fact that lube prevents on from being pregnant. Lube affects the mobility of sperms. This means that the sperm will find it hard to swim inside the human body. In other cases with sperm mixes with sperm, the collision leads to the death of sperm. Remember to have sex in a position that allows deep penetration of the penis so as to drive sperm deep inside a woman.…